Quality care in prison health in Spain. Analysis for an evaluation model

Prison health requirements are extremely variable due to their different structures and populations. This may well be one of the principal causative factors to explain why there are no global prison health care models that could be equally applicable to all centres.

This study carried out a systematic review of available scientific evidence (RSEC1) about health care quality standards in prison. A bibliographical search was made, gathering data about the different ways health care is organised in various countries, the evaluation models used and the results that were acquired about quality levels.

The review results indicate that there is little documentation on the subject, and what there is is not widely disseminated. There is no universal quality evaluation model for standards of health care in prison. The most developed system is the one used by the prison administration for England and Wales, which is in the process of being integrated with the National Health Service (NHS). No document was found that gave a description of a thorough evaluation process that monitored the effect of solutions proposed by means of improvement opportunities analysis.

For adequate health care planning in prisons an important start may be a health care needs analysis. Considering that little research was found in this area, we believe it is essential to initiate a study of tools that can evaluate these needs, as part of a broader model that sets out to improve health care quality in the prison sector.

For more infos: http://www.sanipe.es/OJS/index.php/RESP/article/view/245/540

Source: Revista Española de Sanidad Penitenciaria

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José Manuel Arroyo-Cobo, Maria Pilar Astier Peña
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