The Health Promoting Prison: a framework for promoting health in the scottish prison service

Standards for the Health Care of Prisoners, published by the Scottish Prison Service (SPS) in 1998, set out the need for the SPS to provide services to prisoners which prevent illness, promote health and enable them to make reasoned choices regarding the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.
Establishments have worked hard in delivering health promotion programmes and activities. They have participated in national community- led events such as World AIDS Day, Drinkwise Scotland and No Smoking Day. The SPS has also developed and implemented other health promotion initiatives over the past few years, such as offering every prisoner on admission to custody immunisation against Hepatitis B, and providing ‘well man’ and ‘well woman’ clinics. However, it is recognised that to build on this success, the SPS needed to establish a formal Framework for Promoting Health.
A Health Promotion Committee, under the auspices of the Health Care Policy Group, has developed such a framework. It concentrates on four main topic areas relating to healthy eating, active living, tobacco use and the promotion of mental well-being.
This framework, along with our published SPS Health Care Standards and Drugs Strategy Partnership and Co-ordination, sets out how prisoners will be given the opportunity, while in custody, to engage with services to improve their health and provide them with information to enable them to make reasoned choices on the lifestyles they lead.

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