A guide to working with prisons on No Smoking Day and beyond

This guide is for anyone who is interested in helping prisoners who want to stop smoking. The research we have conducted in prisons shows that this includes a huge range of people: stop smoking advisors, prison healthcare staff, prison PE staff, Health Trainers, substance misuse workers, prison governors and many more.

The aims of the guide are:
- To highlight the high rates of smoking in prisons
- To explain that, for many offenders, prison presents a unique opportunity to stop
- To raise awareness that stop smoking initiatives in prisons can be highly successful
- To explain how No Smoking Day can contribute to successful stop smoking initiatives in prisons
- To provide ideas and suggestions about how to use the campaign in prisons, and who to involve
- To highlight resources that are particularly relevant and useful for people using No Smoking Day in prison settings

Source: British Heart Foundation

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British Heart Foundation
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