Flash survey on addiction support and care in French prisons

Improving the support and care of addictions in the criminal justice system is part of the government's plan for the combat against drugs and addictions 2013-2017, and is part of the Action 12-1 of the Strategic Action Plan 2010-2014 Health Policy for Persons in the Hands of Justice.
The DGS / DGOS instruction of 17 November 2010 on the organization of the treatment of addictions in detention (Annex 3) also gives a number of organizational recommendations to improve prison management in prisons.
This survey therefore proposed to take an interest, two years after this appraisal, and in line with the evaluation elements it contains, the impact it may have had on the ground and the way the teams of the health units have appropriated (or not) the recommendations.

Source: Direction générale de la santé. Ministère de la Santé

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C Barbier, A Maache, D Bauer, N Joannard, S Lerasle
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