Description of the health status and social characteristics of persons entering custody in Picardy, France, in 2013

In order to adapt the health care of prisoners to their health needs, it is necessary to have data on their health and socio-demographic characteristics. Since 2011, the Regional Health and Social Observatory (OR2S) in Picardy has been developing a data collection application deployed in the health units of penal institutions in the area. This data is entered by the nursing staff on a secure web page, during the medical consultation of the arrival. The anonymized data is stored on the authorized secure server of the OR2S.
In 2013, data on the health status of one-half (n = 1,780) of persons newly detained in Picardy were analyzed. One-fifth of men were undergoing psychiatric follow-up; Half of the entrants needed dental care; 85.0% were tobacco smokers; 24.0% regularly used a drug; 12.5% ​​were in a precarious situation before incarceration.
This collection of information makes it possible to know annually the state of health of the population newly detained in an institution or a territory, and thus to adapt the interventions of the socio-sanitary and penitentiary actors. The flexibility of use and evolution of the application makes it possible to dynamically adjust the nature of the data collected. Its cost and ease of implementation make it an efficient tool that can be easily extended to other French regions.

Source: Regional Health and Social Observatory in Picardy. France

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Epidemiological study
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Regional Health and Social Observatory in Picardy. France
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