Description of health and social characteristics of the new inmates in Picardy (France) in 2013

In order to adjust healthcare to the health needs of inmates, data on the health and social status of inmates are necessary. Since 2011, the Regional Observatory of Health and Social (OR2S) has been developing in Picardy an application for collecting these data within medical units in prisons on the territory. The health information and social characteristics of detainees entering prison are input by the caregiver on a secure web page during the medical examination of new inmates. The anonymous data are stored in the authorized secured server of the OR2S.
In 2013, the health status of almost half of new inmates (n=1,780) in Picardy was analysed. Among them, 1/5 of men had psychiatric care, 1/2 needed dental care, 85.0% of inmates were smokers, 24.0% regularly consumed a drug, 12.5% lived in a precarious situation before being incarcerated.
The application allows knowing the yearly health status of newly detained population in a prison or a territory. Thus, tailored interventions of social, health and prison interventions can be adapted. Its exibility of use and evolution allows dynamically adjusting the state of knowledge. Its cost and ease of implementation make this application an efficient tool that can be easily extended to other regions.

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