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Systematic review on active case finding of communicable diseases in prison settings ECDC, EMCDDA, communicable diseases + info View / download
Prescription of nicotine replacement therapy in prison settings tobacco, smoking, nicotine replacement therapy, France + info View / download
Pilot project related to the development of evidence based strategies to improve the health of isolated and vulnerable persons (SANTE/2014/C4/034)- Scientific Report VulnerABLE project, european commission, health for all, social determinants + info View / download
Human rights and correctional health policy: a view from Europe + info View / download
Flash survey on addiction support and care in French prisons addiction, dgs, action plan, cross-sectional survey, drugs, health policy, regional health agency + info View / download
Good Practices on people-centred care by EU 'VulnerABLE' project VulnerABLE project, case study, co-production, participation, European Parliament, european commission, people-centred care + info View / download
A guide to working with prisons on No Smoking Day and beyond tobacco smoking, smoking cessation, guide, addiction, nicotine replacement therapy + info View / download
Danish model on food systems in correctional facilities - case study pilot at the European commission Denmark, food services, catering, pilot project, 3rd EU Health Programme, vulnerABLE Programme, European Parliament, european commission, European Union + info View / download
The analysis of drugs in wastewater: a tool for estimating consumption, application in prisons - in French article, addiction, health planning, France + info View / download
Management of people infected with hepatitis B or hepatitis C viruses. French research agency on AIDS and hepatitis viral hepatitis, guidelines, France + info View / download
Description of the health status and social characteristics of persons entering custody in Picardy, France, in 2013 trans-sectional survey, pilot study, descriptive epidemiology, automated collection, entrants, France + info View / download
The health of detainees in Italy. The results of a multi-centric study survey, regional health agency, Italy + info View / download
Quality care in prison health in Spain. Analysis for an evaluation model quality of care, Spain + info View / download
Quality care in prison health in Spain - Action plan 2010 action plan, health policies, governance, report, audit, guidelines, Spain + info View / download
Multi-agency contingency plan for the management of outbreaks of communicable diseases or other health protection incidents in prisons and other places of detention in England guide, health planning, governance, outbreak investigation, disease outbreak, leptospirosis, meals, scabies, tuberculosis, tb, the UK + info View / download
Trouble sleeping inside: a cross-sectional study of the prevalence and associated risk factors of insomnia in adult prison populations in England insomnia, sleep, anxiety, mental health + info View / download
Tackling tuberculosis in under-served populations: a resource for TB Control Boards and their partners guide, health policies, governance, tuberculosis, end TB, the UK, right to health, health inequalities, health for all + info View / download
Rebalancing Act: A resource for directors of public health, police and crime commissioners and other health and justice commissioners, service providers and users guide, health policy, governance, health for all, right to health, administration, the UK + info View / download
Cas cliniques: modalités de la prise en charge du sevrage cannabique sevrage, addiction, cannabis + info View / download
NICE Pathway - Health of people in the criminal justice system + info View / download
Rapid review of evidence of the impact on health outcomes of NHS commissioned health services for people in secure and detained settings to inform future health interventions and prioritisation in England evidence, impact, review, NHS, secure settings, detained settings, health interventions, Public Health England, England + info View / download
Secondhand smoke in French prisons: to set evidence-based health policy right to health, secondhand smoke exposure, mental health, health policy, occupational health, tuberculosis, harm reduction + info View / download
Alcohol problems in the criminal justice system: an opportunity for intervention (2013) WHO, guide, alcohol, addiction + info View / download
Preventing overdose deaths in the criminal-justice system (2014) WHO, report, guide, drugs, harm reduction, overdose, deaths in custody + info View / download
The Health Promoting Prison: a framework for promoting health in the scottish prison service guidelines, framework, health promotion, Scotland + info View / download
Description of health and social characteristics of the new inmates in Picardy (France) in 2013 abstract, cross-sectional survey, descriptive epidemiology, newcomers, automatic assessment, France + info View / download
Combating ill-treatment in prison handbook, council of Europe, ill-treatment prevention + info View / download
WHO and PHE Health and Justice International Conference: proceedings (2015) proceedings, WHO, Public Health England, Kyrgyzstan, GSIN, good practices, harm reduction, research, tuberculosis, tb, education + info View / download
Prevention of infectious risks in prison settings in France. ANRS-PRI2DE inventory, 2009 prévention, infectious diseases, STI, HIV, viral hepatitis, harm reduction, abstract + info View / download
Report on tobacco smoking in prison tobacco, tobacco smoke, european commission, report + info View / download
Women’s health in prison: Action guidance and checklists to review current policies and practices women, checklist, guide, WHO + info View / download
Prisons and Health WHO, guide + info View / download
Health in prisons: A WHO guide to the essentials in prison health WHO, policy, prison health, guide + info View / download
Nicotine without smoke: Tobacco harm reduction tobacco, harm reduction, nicotine, addiction, e-cigarettes, tobacco smoke + info View / download